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Looking for someone who can help you plan your journey?

Many areas of the state now have Grow Your Own* Educator projects, including services of a Teacher Pathway Navigator who can:

  • Share pathway options available in your area
  • Help answer your questions about how to get started
  • Connect you directly with the right advisor when you are ready to enroll in a community college or university pathway
  • Help you locate specific financial resources for educators

Find a Navigator near you

School District or ESD Navigator

Community College Navigator

University Navigator

Klamath Community College

Susan Faller

Southern Oregon University

Susan Faller

Central Oregon Community College

Angie Cole

Columbia Gorge Community College

Karly Aparicio

Umpqua Community College

Teresa Rivenes  

Eastern Oregon University

David Dallas

Tawnya Lubbes

Portland State University

Esperanza De La Vega 

University of Oregon

Rena Joy Dunbar 

Grow Your Own (GYO) Future Teachers Project

Bushnell University

Gretchen Ruddick
Undergraduate Navigator

Hailey Headlee
Graduate Navigator

Western Oregon University

Marie LeJeune 

Kristen L Pratt 

Chemeketa Community College

Karla Hale

Portland Community College

Tanya G. Mead

Pedro Villagómez Murillo, GYOU Student Navigator

Blue Mountain Community College

Tammy Short

Oregon State University

Amanda Kibler

Marina Alvarez

NW Regional ESD

Diverse Educator Pathways

Dominque Austin

NW Regional ESD

Diverse Educator Pathways


Nate Shull

Multnomah ESD

Chemika Bolden

Eugene School District

Darlene Fritz

Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Fatima Chacon

Teacher Pathway Navigator 


Suzie Barrientos

Willamette ESD 


Kimberly Strong

High Desert ESD

Kate Vaden

Southern Oregon ESD

Aaron Cooke

Southern Oregon ESD

Taye Spears

David Douglas School District

Grow Your Own Program

Mariela Tyler

Tigard-Tualatin School District

Diverse Educator Pathway Program

Melinda Boyle 

Jefferson County SD


Jerry McMichael

Intermountain ESD


Gabrielle DeLeone

Columbia Gorge ESD 


Jennifer Martin

Eastern Oregon Regional Educator Network ESD

Rachelle Bell

Linn Benton Lincoln ESD

Steffanie Frost

McMinnville SD


Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children

Sara Stearns

Ingrid Anderson 


*This map contains the Grow Your Own Navigators for 2023-2025.

Looking for someone else?

There are many people who want to help you succeed. For general ideas for who to contact for assistance on your journey, check out the possibilities below.

High School Students, talk to:

  • School Counselor
  • College and Career Coach

School District Employees, talk to:

  • Human Resources
  • Employee Assistance Program

Community College or University Students, talk to:

  • Academic Advisor 
  • Career Counselor

General Public, talk to:

  • Work Source Oregon
  • Local Community College 
  • Private Career Counselor

Still not sure who to contact?

Oregon TSPC can help!
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