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This page contains a number of resources developed for use by those who support and coach future educators on their journey towards licensure. We invite suggested edits, ideas for needed materials, or additional resources to post.

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General Resources

Relevant Oregon Legislation

  • HB 3178 increases the Oregon Teacher Scholars Program scholarship amount to $12,000 per year for up to two years for culturally and linguistically diverse teacher candidates.
  • SB 283 a large omnibus educator workforce bill that:
    • requires the state to create and use educator supply and demand data,
    • promotes an anonymous working conditions survey for educators and sharing of results,
    • creates options for districts to pay special educators and instructional assistants more salary,
    • provides more protections for superintendents from being terminated without 12 mth notice and forbids Education Service Districts from directing a superintendent to take actions conflicting with local, state or federal law.
    • creates a taskforce to review best practices for substitute teachers,
    • creates a taskforce on educator salaries, provides $10 million to award grants to promote registered apprenticeships for educators and to promote the beginning teacher and administrator mentorship program to be administered by the EAC.
  • SB 279 improves teacher licensure reciprocity across states through the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact starting in Jan 2024 by removing barriers to employment of out-of-state teachers, support relocation of eligible military spouses, facilitates exchange of licensure, investigative and disciplinary information between member states,

GYO Toolkit

Navigator Network


WESD Teacher Pathway Navigator Resources

For a year and a half, the WESD sponsored a network of individuals across the state who were front line navigators supporting aspiring educators on their journey towards licensure. They met monthly, learning from each other and collaborating on mutually determined activities, several which served as inspiration for this entire website. Documents from the monthly forums, activities, and other information are archived on this site which is now open to the public.

Key Forum Presentations

NWESD Connector Model
Navigator Forums
  • Forum 1A: Sept 15—Welcome back, review of Network members, guidelines for engagement, feedback from last summer’s survey on topics and formats of forums.
  • Forum 1B: Oct 10—Summary from Sept 15, and collective visioning from Navigators (Haydee Lavariega and Mu Knowles)
  • Forum 2: Oct 20—Shared designs for GYO work: partners, staffing, use of funds, data systems, marketing, use of time, and workload management (separate Excel sheet shows responses)
  • Forum 3: Nov 18—Instructional Assistant Pathways (Taye Spears and David Dallas)
  • Forum 4: Dec 16—Financial resources for Aspiring Teachers
  • Forum 5: Jan 19—Leg Updates, Role of Connectors (Marina Alvarez), spotlight on Tigard Tualatin SD GYO (Len Reed and Mariela Tyler)
  • Forum 6: Feb 23—Leg Updates, Follow up on Teacher Scholars Program, Problem of Practice Discussions
  • Forum 7: March 16–Creating a Culture of Prioritizing Racial Equity Practice (Mu Knowles and Haydee Lavariega)
  • Forum 8: April 20—High School Teacher Pathways (Tawnya Lubbes, Cecelia Monto, Susan Faller, Kate Vaden, Kanoe Bunney, and Brenda Yahraes)
  • Forum 9: May 19—Navigator Connections, the year’s recap, collective learnings, new website, legislative updates, actionable steps form, planning for next year

Collective Work by Navigators

Sample Lesson Plans to Inspire Interest in Teaching as a Career

articles about a career in education

1,500 Decisions a Day (At Least!): How Teachers Cope With a Dizzying Array of Questions

Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students. Great public schools will get them ready.

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