Tillamook Bay Community College

Transfer Program for Elementary or Secondary Education

Start here and then transfer to a university to complete your Bachelor’s Degree and get your teaching license.


For those who want to teach:

  • Elementary (multiple subjects)
  • Secondary (single subject such as math / science / language arts / health / social science/ or world languages)
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education: Generalist
  • Special Education: Early Intervention and Early Childhood
  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama

Class Format:

  • Traditional class schedule (in person classes during the day)
  • In Person (evening or weekend)
  • Online synchronous ("live" lecture and interaction e.g. Zoom evening and/or weekend)
  • Online asynchronous (all assignments can be completed without "live" interaction)
  • A combination of online synchronous (evening and/or weekend) and asynchronous classes
  • A combination of in person and online classes (evening and/or weekend)

Available to those who meet any of the following Educational Requirements:

  • Have not yet completed any college courses
  • Have some college credits but don’t have a degree yet
  • Have completed my associate's degree